Lifelong Passion

Dr. Jason’s lifelong dream was to be a chiropractor. Since he was 12, he had his sights set on achieving that goal. “I was always good at finding ‘sore’ areas on family and friends, plus I was good with my hands.” Growing up the only doctor he visited was a chiropractor.

Dr. Jason’s chiropractic education began at Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri. There, he was able to expand on his understanding of how amazing the body is and its ability to overcome almost anything if given the proper circumstances.

Elevating your Experience

Dr. Jason wants to help elevate your experience in life; Whether it’s a newborn baby that needs to sleep, a mom who wants to play with her kids, an expectant mother wanting a healthy delivery, or a world class athlete that just wants to improve their performance. With seven years in practice he is motivated to help you reach your goals.

The additional qualifications Dr. Jason possesses includes being Certified in SOT® Methods, and a certification in myofascial release techniques for soft tissue.

Outside of the Office

Dr Jason and his wife, Amanda, have been married for over 10 years and have three kids: Olivia, Eleanor, and Gavin. He loves to be outside snowboarding, boating, and biking. Dr. Jason and his wife also love movies and music. You will most likely hear a quote from a movie or hear some impromptu singing in the office.